Running Events

PaedsHub provides a number of facilities for running events. This guide is written with regional teaching days in mind. There are quite a few different parts to this process and not all of them will necessarily apply in every case so we’ve broken this guide down into parts. If you’re new to running events on PaedsHub, for example if you’re a new teaching rep, you should read this whole guide in full ahead of time and consider practicing certain sections. You can also get in touch if you want some extra help getting started.

Once you’ve chosen a topic for your event and when it’s going to happen you should list your event so people can find out about it. Listing an event means it will appear on the PaedsHub events page. You can make changes to an event later if needed.

To promote your event you can make an announcement in the PaedsHub Weekly Digest Email. If there’s an important change to the event like a change of date, or if it is cancelled, you should make a further announcement in this way.

If the event is external and you’re not involved in actually running it, the rest of this guide is probably not relevant to you.

You can use the RSVP system to find out how many people are planning on attending your session. You can also get the email addresses of people who have said they’re coming if you need to communicate directly.

We’re not using the RSVP system to track attendance at regional teaching days anymore. You should create a feedback request using LearnLoop. You will also have the option to collect attendance data and provide certificates of attendance using LearnLoop.

Regional teaching events should be recorded and then embedded onto PaedsHub for people to watch back.

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