RSVPs for events

This guide is part of a series explaining how to run an event on PaedsHub. Click here to see the full series.

If you are running an event and using the RSVP system this guide shows you:

  • what your attendees will see when they RSVP
  • how you can see the list of attendees and their contact details

The RSVP system is used to help you estimate how many people you’re expecting to have at your event, and to give you the means to communicate with those people specifically via email. RSVP is no longer used for tracking attendance – you can do this using LearnLoop. Click here to read more about LearnLoop.

This guide assumes that you or another person have already listed an event on PaedsHub and that you have created a RSVP block as part of that process. If not click here to view the guide on listing a new event.

Step by step guide with pictures

How RSVP works for attendees

Users can RSVP to an event by clicking on the [Going] button on the event page. Users must be logged in to RSVP.

The form should auto-fill with their details. The [Number of Guests] field should be ignored.

Click [Finish] to complete the RSVP.

Once the RSVP has been completed the user will receive an email confirmation, and the RSVP panel on the event page will show them as “Going”.

Anyone who has access to this page can see the number of attendees who have sent an RSVP, but not their identities.

If a user who has completed an RSVP saying they’re going can no longer attend, they should return to the event page and click [View your RSVP]. Then select [Not going] from the RSVP drop-down menu, and then click [Update RSVP].

Viewing the list of attendees

Make sure you’re logged in to PaedsHub with an account which has author permissions. Go to the admin dashboard by clicking the link from the [About] drop-down menu.

Click on [Events] from the side-menu on the left.

Hover over the relevant event then click [Attendees] from the menu which appears.

You can now see a list of people who have RSVP’d, their email addresses, and if they are currently ‘Going’ or ‘Not going’.

If you want an easy way to copy all their email addresses (for instance to send an email): select [Export] from the menu above the attendee list. A .csv file will be generated and downloaded. Open this file in Excel or similar program.

Highlight and then copy (Ctrl+C) the cells containing the email addresses of the attendees. You can then paste into an email that you want to go out to all attendees, or add them to the invite list of a Teams meeting.

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