Embedding Vimeo recordings

This guide is part of a series explaining how to run an event on PaedsHub. Click here to see the full series.

Important – please read
The content permissions options used on posts to prevent viewing except by logged in users does not work for events pages. For this reason you should not embed videos onto the events page itself. Instead follow the guide below to create a post and then link to it from the events page.

Step by step guide with pictures

As you finish each recording you click [Copy link] then paste this video URL to use later.

If you forget to do this, go to vimeo.com and find your video in the library. Click on it and then click the [link icon] (pictured) to copy the link.

Go to PaedsHub and create a new post. Click here for a guide to creating posts if you are not familiar with this process.

In the main body of the post add a Vimeo embed block (on a new line type ‘/vimeo’ then select from the menu.

Paste the video link from before into the URL box, then click [Embed].

Ensure you select [Subscriber] from the content permissions panel at the bottom to make sure that the videos are not accessible to the general public.

Repeat this process for each video you want to add.

Once you’ve finished adding videos click [Publish] at the top right of the editor.

Copy the link from the published page and paste it as a comment onto the original event page so people know where to find the recordings.

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