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If you have an announcement, useful resources, or other information to share with other PaedsHub members this guide will explain how. If you’re having any problems please get in touch.

Step by step guide with pictures

Make sure you’re logged in to PaedsHub. Go to the admin dashboard by clicking the link from the [About] drop-down menu.

Select [Posts] from the left side-menu.

Select [Add New] at the top of the page to enter the visual editor.

If you need to edit an existing post, hover over the relevant post on this page and select [Edit] from the menu that appears below the post title.

Provide a title for your post and create your post using the visual editor. You can use text, bulletpoints, images, videos or other content types. Google ‘WordPress Gutenburg Editor’ if you need guidance or get in touch.

If you post contains sensitive information you can restrict access to logged in PaedsHub users by ticking [Subscribers] from the content permissions panel at the bottom of the page. If your post can be shared publicly you can skip this step.

Content restriction is not guaranteed. Never share patient information on PaedsHub.

Select the appropriate post category (or categories) from the list on the right side-menu.

  • About
    • Activity Log – for PaedsHub leads use only
    • Executive Committee – for PaedsHub leads use only
    • Guides – for PaedsHub leads use only
    • Weekly Digest Email – will include a excerpt from your post (and a link to the full post) in the next weekly digest email send to all subscribed users each Monday night – use this for announcements relevant to all or most users
  • Resources
    • MRCPCH – for posts with resources or announcements relating to the membership exams
    • Noticeboard – general notices of interest to paediatric professionals in the Southwest
    • Reps
      • IMG – for use by the IMG rep (or with their agreement)
      • LTFT – for use by the LTFT rep (or with their agreement)
      • RCPCH – for use by the RCPCH rep (or with their agreement)
      • RTT – for use by the RTT rep (or with their agreement)
      • Wellbeing – for use by the Wellbeing rep (or with their agreement)
    • SPARQ – for use by the SPARQ committee (or with their agreement)
      • Projects – to add a new project to the SPARQ project listings page
    • The PaedsHub Pod – for posting new podcast episodes

Also on the right of the screen, find the panel titled [Featured image]. Click [Set featured image] and select either from the library of existing images, or upload a new image.

If you upload a new image take care with copyright. Use pixabay or unsplash for royalty free images, or use one of your own.

Once you’re happy. Click [Publish] in the panel at the top right. You can then click [View Post] on the banner that appears to see your event page.

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