Editing an existing event

This guide is part of a series explaining how to run an event on PaedsHub. Click here to see the full series.

Important – please read
The content permissions options used on posts to prevent viewing except by logged in users does not work for events pages. Anything you post on the events page can be viewed by the general public. You should not embed teaching day recordings, email addresses (without permission) or post links to Teams meetings on the events page itself. Comments are still private so you can put the meeting link there safely after you’ve created the event.

This guide assumes that you or another person have already listed an event on PaedsHub. If not click here to view the guide on listing a new event.

Step by step guide with pictures

Make sure you’re logged in to PaedsHub. Go to the admin dashboard by clicking the link from the [About] drop-down menu.

You can make changes to events that you or other people created, but please ensure you communicate appropriately with people if you’re doing this.

Click on [Events] from the side-menu on the left.

Hover over the event you want to edit, then click [Edit] from the menu that appears.

Make your changes (see “Create a new event” above for details), then click [Update] from the [Publish] panel at the top right.

Alternatively you could simply leave a comment on the event page itself by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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