Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes


Present:Daniel Leach (DL, chair), Bex Treleaven (RT), Maria Tsakmakis (MT), Giles Richardson (GR)
Next meeting:1400 Tuesday 1st Feb

Trainee sign up process update (DL)

115 so far, vs about 300 trainees in total, need some more publicity and soft deadline for sign-ups

Other website features update (DL)

Learn (Online courses, teaching days, resources)
Create (Create an online course, represent, courses under development, how-to/technical docs)
Need to spruce up front page
Need to investigate HEE management/leadership online course offering
Need to update how to build a paedshub module

Modules under development update (RT / DL)

Neonatal Sepsis – needs further work on patient journey – aiming for content finished by 15th Dec
Neonatal Ultrasound – need to run past POCUS group
(Child Development) – needs to be registered

Deanery teaching during covid analysis (RT)

RT has sent through a summary document. Move towards restarting some face-to-face teaching. Now working on a teaching structure for a three-year programme. College tutors will need to be mobilised to organise days – may need to assign these. Bex will email college tutors – Maria will send previous email for help with wording, Giles will send emails.

Funding request update (MT / GR)

MT/GR to give consideration to how to bid for additional funds for senior time for module development and useful items such as mentimeter.
Can we explore funding a ‘teaching TPD’?
DL to send through account details

Agree action plan to be completed before 1st January

More publicity for sign up – shout outs at ST1-3 and ST4-8 teaching days in December. A further email round via Leanne and Joe. Twitter and WhatsApp.DL/RT
Spruce up front pageDL
Update how to build a paedshub moduleDL
Investigate HEE management/leadership online course offeringRT
Neonatal sepsis module content by 15th DecMT/RT
Child development module registrationDL
Bex will email college tutors – Giles will send email addressesRT/MT/GR
Create funding bidGR/MT



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