Listing an event

This guide is part of a series explaining how to run an event on PaedsHub. Click here to see the full series.

Important – please read
The content permissions options used on posts to prevent viewing except by logged in users does not work for events pages. Anything you post on the events page can be viewed by the general public. You should not embed teaching day recordings, email addresses (without permission) or post links to Teams meetings on the events page itself. Comments are still private so you can put the meeting link there safely after you’ve created the event.

Events relevant to paediatric professionals in the Southwest should be listed on PaedsHub. The events calendar can be accessed by clicking ‘Events’ on the top menu on PaedsHub, or via the link You can post events that you are running yourself (through PaedsHub or otherwise), or that you think might be of interest. Please check that an event hasn’t already been listed before you start. If you need to edit an event that’s already been created click here to view a guide for that instead.

Step by step guide with pictures

Make sure you’re logged in to PaedsHub. Go to the admin dashboard by clicking the link from the [About] drop-down menu.

Click on [Events] from the side-menu on the left.

Click on [Add New] near the top of the page.

Create a title for your event.

Complete the date and start/end time for the event.

If your event spans multiple days use the [Multi-Day] option in the bottom right of the date selector panel. If you’re not sure when the day starts and finishes you can just select [All Day] from the timings drop down.

Provide a description of the day. This will normally include a short description about the theme and contributors, and an agenda.

Sometimes you might create an event before the agenda is known so that people can book study leave – you can edit this later once the agenda is known, or if it needs to be altered.

You can include pictures, links or other media in this section if required.

Please be aware that anything you post in this section will be publicly accessible. See below for more information about privacy settings.

Skip the [Add Price] block.

If the event has a fee you can enter this here, but PaedsHub does not provide a facility for taking payment for events currently.

Click onto the [Add or find an organizer] block, then search for the relevant option. Options include:

  • ST1-3 Teaching Reps
  • ST4-8 Teaching Reps
  • Bristol Medical Simulation Centre
  • External Organiser

You can add a new organiser if required.

Click onto the [Add or find a venue] block, then search for the relevant option. Options include:

  • Teams Meeting
  • UHBW Simulation Centre

You can add a new venue if required, or leave blank and put details in the description above.

If you have selected ‘Teams Meeting’ or another venue without an address, unselect the [Show Google Maps Link] and [Show Google Maps Embed] from the right side-menu.

If the event (e.g. for an external event) has a website you can enter the link here – you will also need to type some text (e.g. ‘Click to visit event website’) onto the button itself.

Otherwise leave it blank.

Skip the [eCommerce] block. Then click the [RSVP] block to add an RSVP.

If the event does not require an RSVP you can ignore this step. Regional teaching events should all have an RSVP block.

Enter RSVP title as “Online Attendance” or “Face-to-Face” as required.

Enter the duration as from today’s date, to 12:00am on the day of the event. This is to ensure people register in advance to ensure organisers can plan for the number of attendees.

If organising a face-to-face event, add a capacity limit if this is relevant. Blank means unlimited.

Click [Save RSVP].

On the right of the screen find a panel titled [Event Categories]. Select the appropriate training level(s) and event type. (Coming soon – also, select the topics covered during the day – to help people filter for learning specific to their needs.)

Also on the right of the screen, find the panel titled [Featured image]. Click [Set featured image] and select either from the library of existing images, or upload a new image.

If you upload a new image take care with copyright. Use pixabay or unsplash for royalty free images, or use one of your own.

Once you’re happy. Click [Publish] in the panel at the top right. You can then click [View Event] on the banner that appears to see your event page.

In addition to listing an event you might want to promote it via the PaedsHub Weekly Digest Email. Click here to read our guide on how to do this.

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