LearnLoop – Quickly and easily gather anonymous feedback on teaching

LearnLoop is a new website you can use to gather feedback on your teaching sessions. You might already have seen it in use at the regional teaching days. Next time you’re delivering some teaching (in whatever format) you can use LearnLoop to gather feedback which you can then upload to your portfolio.

You can create a feedback request for a single standalone session, or a series of linked sessions. Incentivise your attendees to provide feedback by letting them know they can download a certificate of attendance.

You can contact mail@learnloop.co.uk if you need any help.

How it works

Go to learnloop.co.uk and click on ‘Create new session’
Complete the session details.

By default, your attendees will be able to download a certificate which helps incentivise providing feedback. You can disable this now if you prefer.

By default, you receive an email each time feedback is submitted. You can turn this off now, or later on from a link in the email you receive.

Once you’re done, click ‘Create Session’.
Choose one or more way to share the feedback form with attendees.

Make sure you make a note of the session ID and your PIN, or that you’ve received the confirmation email before you leave this page.
Your confirmation email should arrive within a few minutes. You’ll need to refer to this for your PIN which you need to view your feedback.
Your attendees can follow the link you provide to the feedback form. After they complete it you’ll receive an email notification unless you disabled this previously.
After submitting their feedback the attendee can download a certificate. Their name is not linked to their feedback.
You can view the feedback by following the link in your confirmation or notification email and entering your PIN. You can also download the feedback as a PDF for easy uploading to your portfolio.

Collecting feedback for multiple sessions

Go to learnloop.co.uk and click on ‘Create new session’, then choose ‘Switch to sessions series.

Complete the session details and options as for a single session.
For each session you want to collect feedback on, click the green ‘Add’ button, the complete the form that appears.

If you provide an email address for each facilitator/presenter, they will receive feedback notifications and be able to view the feedback for (only) their session.

As the organiser you’ll be able to see the overall feedback and the feedback for each session. So, if you don’t provide an email for each facilitator/presenter, you can still manually send them their feedback.
When you attendees go to the feedback form, they will see a list of session to provide feedback on. They must complete each of these before submitting the form. If they did not attend a session they can mark it as ‘skipped’.

If they want to add feedback after each session throughout the day, they can return to the page (on the same device, and within 24 hours) and their previous entries will re-populate.

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