‘In Taunton we strive to ensure that training is maintained to a high standard and that trainees enjoy their placement within our department. We provide a weekly programme of teaching that focuses on targeting learning points within the paediatric and GP trainee’s curriculums and regularly seek feedback to identified where teaching can be improved.  Trainees are valued members of our team and we welcome their opinions and ideas on improving the care we provide and the environment we all work within. Monthly meetings are held between the trainees and the college tutor so that we can work proactively to address any concerns. As a department we have a core group of excellent educational supervisors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge, not only at providing educational supervision but pastoral support as well. As a department we are supported by a post graduate centre who have well-being as their primary focus. Rest facilities are available to trainees on long shifts who do not live locally and support services are available to anyone who needs them.’

Dr Ann Ratcliffe, College Tutor 

‘Absolutely fabulous team and department. I felt part of a wider family. It is clear that you are a valued member of the team and you are always fully supported. The Fri’Yay’ sessions are a great way to get to know everyone and take a breath together. Can’t recommend this training unit enough!’ Registrar 2021

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