RTT Guidance

Background Pre-absence During Pre-return Supervision Post-Return review


  • Guidance usually used for trainees out of clinical practice for 3 months +
  • Responsibility lies with trainee to engage with the SuppoRTT programme however then your Educational Supervisor, TPD and SuppoRTT champions should facilitate a bespoke return to training package

Pre-absence planning

  • Ideally at least 4 weeks prior to the period of absence
  • Consider what might be a challenge on returning, ?need to come back LTFT ?how to stay up to date

During absence

  • 3 months prior to return email should be sent to trainee by HEE SW – details regional SuppoRTT webpages, upcoming events, KIT days etc
  • Where possible, trainees should be placed in the trust from which they left but taking into account personal preference

Pre-return planning

  • Trainee to contact ES minimum 6 weeks prior to return
  • If complex reasons for absence, additional meeting with SuppoRTT Champion should be offered
  • Meeting to identify areas of concern and create action plan

Enhanced supervision 

  • Recommended minimum of 10 working days (irrespective of WTE)
  • Should not undertake OOH commitments unless shadowing
  • Not the responsibility of returning trainees to swap out of rota commitments

Post-Return review

  • Meet with ED once period of enhanced supervision completed and address any ongoing concerns
  • If ongoing concerns – to liaise with SuppoRTT Champions, HEE SW hub or TPD/Head of School
  • If both happy with progress, can be signed off to resume usual clinical commitments

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