Paedshub executive meeting


  • Dr Maria Tsakmakis
  • Dr Giles Richardson
  • Dr Rebecca Treleaven
  • Dr Daniel leach

Review of previous minutes

  • Reviewed number of trainees signed up to Paedshub: 271 . 
    • 173 Severn
    • 73 Peninsula
    • Rest not trainees / wider MDT 
    • RT and DL agree to keep reminding trainees about Paedshub at regional teaching events.
  • MT would like to link to HEE free courses / max course on paedshub. 
    • RT to post an announcement / pin post somewhere. Reminder that external courses will not be funded that are of similar theme to HEE courses.
  • Update on funding from MT – DL and MT should receive reimbursement next week. 

Minutes from this meetings agenda:

  • Need to allow educational supervisors access to Paedshub. 
    • DL to draft email to disseminate. 
    • Email to ask ES’s to disseminate to staff grades 
  • DL highlighted mentimeter funding appears expensive.
    • DL to contact mentimeter to clarify what level of package is appropriate for regional teaching
    • Group to ensure there are clear guides to get teachers / trainees to use it regularly. 
    • If wrong package applied for, update HEE asap and ask for funding to be redirected. 
  • RT updated on ST1-3 regional teaching, Now has contacts in CAMHs agreeing for once a year session for three years and contacts in public health also in agreement to restart teaching. 
    • RT to have names / dates finalised by end of Feb. 
    • Email to all CT’s to go out, start of March. 
    • MT requires St1-3s to receive exposure to GP. Likely placements at a practice is the best way to organise this. Will update team on progress next time. 
  • Courses on Paedshub reviewed. Lots of neonatal topics and more severn trainees involved.  Likely reflecting MT and GS both neonatal consultants and RT and DL both in Severn. 
    • Agree to use Peninsula reps to recruit more of their cohort to create content. 
    • DL highlighted that he is already working on a lot of projects, so further modules will take time.
    • GR to promote at Peninsula trainee meetings  .
    • RT updated on safeguarding module. DL recommends a meeting with Dr Sarah Dawkins to discuss how to present module on website. RT to organise meeting. 
  • Funding and future fellows. 
    • MT and GR want roles to continue. Still deciding how to apply for funding for ongoing fellow roles. 
    • 0.2 time dedicated, all in agreement most practical 
    • In next 1-3 months, RT and DL to submit formal feedback on role and to receive feedback from MT and GR. 
  • Practise hybrid teaching session on July 13th. MT unsure if could go ahead, due to restrictions on larges groups in hospital. 
    • MT to investigate rules. 
  • DL demonstrated branching scenario concept 
    • Discussed importance of DL intellectual property remaining free to use for all. 

Date of next meeting: 14/03/2022 

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