NeoTRIPs Regional Lead Applications 2022

NeoTRIPs is recruiting for regional leads to come and join our amazing team to help co-ordinate future trainee-led quality improvement and research projects. We are looking for one or two keen trainees from each of the 13 Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs) across the UK to act as regional leads. This role will encompass promotion of specific NeoTRIPs projects, recruitment of local lead trainees for projects and attendance at committee meetings. Regional leads will be responsible for keeping up to date logs of all local lead trainees and assisting them throughout projects with the support of the central committee. The time-commitment is likely to average at around 30 minutes to 1 hour per week and we anticipate regional leads staying in post for a maximum of 2 years as per their preference.

Regional leads will be awarded a certificate for their role and have the opportunity to apply for central committee roles after a year in post. All NeoTRIPs members including regional leads will have the opportunity to submit project proposals yearly. Applicants can be any level of training and do not require any prior research/QI/management experience, but an enthusiasm for improving neonatal care through collaborative working is vital!

Visit or download the application form below.

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