Message from Head of School to all ST2 and ST3 Doctors regarding ARCP

I thought it would be useful to clarify what is required at ARCP this year in order to progress to tier 2 working.

  • If you are a ST2 DiT or a ST3 DiT or ST3 recruit in September 2023 who is currently working on the tier 1 rotas but will be stepping up to supported tier 2 working next year we will require a completed “Readiness for tier 2 working” form to be completed. This is on your summary page and is now a mandatory requirement. Ideally we would also like to see an ECAT assessment within your portfolio but this is not yet mandatory so will not be a progression requirement.

Please be reassured that if you are not yet ready to step up to tier 2 working you will not get an adverse outcome at ARCP but this needs to be planned for within our programme and highlighted at ARCP.

Some of you may already have received an outcome 5 at ARCP. Please do not worry about this but we need to ensure that DiT meet mandatory requirements of training and will convert to an outcome 1 once the form is completed.

For those of you who meet the criteria above, have not yet had your ARCP review, and have not yet completed the form then it would be helpful for you to try to do so prior to your ARCP. However please do not worry if this is not possible but expect an outcome 5 with subsequent review.

  • If you are a ST3 DiT who has already stepped up to supported tier 2 working then this form will not be required and was not available to use at ARCP last year. We referred to the old Severn step up form last year and also completed one to one meetings in order to determine readiness for step up.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions –

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