Executive Committee Meeting

14th March 2022, 1400-15:30
Present: DL (Chair), RT, MT, GR
Apologies: Nil


1. Review previous minutes and action plan

  • HEE free courses/max course on PaedsHub – DL will set up static links
  • Funding dispersment update – still pending
  • ES access to PaedsHub – edits to draft email made, DL to send
  • Mentimeter licence purchase – agreed ideal solution would be for 20 licences and a 2 yr subscription. MT/GR to confirm funding.
  • Roll-out of the ST1-3 regional teaching programme – date confirmed for first CAMHS teaching day. Date arranged to meet public health team. Ongoing progress.
  • Promoting PaedsHub engagement in Peninsula – GR has been working on this, Peninsula trainee reps bulletin being worked on,

2. RT update

  • Podcast project – need to get hold of the podcasting equipment, meeting later this month to progress this project

3. DL update

  • New home page
  • First newsletter – Bex will create next newsletter in a month. Need to consider combining with deanery mailing
  • SPARQ – requirements planning meeting coming soon
  • Courses under development

AOB/Next meeting date

  • Fellow appraisals to be arranged perhaps June time
  • 8th June School meeting – DL will present in person – RT ?prerecord
  • Next meeting 1400 25/04/22

Action plan

Set teaching days to date orderDoneDL
Max course static link at top of pageDoneDL
Check and send supervisor inviteDoneDL
Confirm able to use menti funds to do 2yr subscription25/04/22MT/GR
Email Richard Tozer – what is the South West Child Health Network?DoneDL
Consider how to combine the PaedsHub and deanery email bulletins25/04/22DL
Consider how to get new trainees onboarded in August/September25/04/22DL
SPARQ meeting25/04/22DL
April Newsletter25/04/22RT
Prepare and/or record presentation for School Meeting08/06/22RT/DL
Prepare agenda and send round link for next meeting25/04/22RT

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