Episode 8: Group A Streptococcal infections and the Interim Clinical Guidance

In this episode, Dr Felicity Cooksey & Dr Leila Ellis have a conversation with Katie Heard, a Specialist Pharmacist with an interest in antimicrobials and infectious diseases, about Group A Strep & looking at the interim clinical guidance from the UK HSA.  They discuss signs of Streptococcal infections and Scarlet fever, local statistics, the FeverPAIN score & the recent changes to it, testing and prescribing advice taking into consideration current supply issues.

Resources discussed:

UK HSA Interim Clinical Guidance & Safety netting advice: 

Resources for learning more about rashes in a range of skin tones:

The Kidzmed prescribing project:

  • https://qicentral.rcpch.ac.uk/medsiq/patient-support/creating-a-pill-school-the-kidzmed-project/
  • https://adc.bmj.com/content/105/11/1105

Music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay

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