Activity log


Ongoing development of the following modules

  • Safeguarding module: review booklet from SW. Information can be used as introduction to safeguarding module. Created module description for review. Planned further meeting with SW.
  • Development module: Started module outline, spoke with NC regarding filming: aim for January 2022.
  • MRCPCH resources: permission from clinical booklet authors to upload to website, sent to Dan. Began own top tips from most recent clinical examination experience. Will ask revision group to contribute to this plus list of stations. Sent out further email to all those involved in teaching for clinicals this year. Plan to create online resources for the website alongside live practise sessions – calendar of which will be available on the website.
  • Prep for AKP meeting with PM tomorrow 5/11/21
  • Worked with DL to upload some of neonatal sepsis module to website. Continued to develop module whilst awaiting MT etc review.
  • Arranged meeting with RN to discuss haemoglobinopathy module for website and contacted ST1-3 reps & ST4-8. reps to advise on spaces within deanery training days for RN to present.
  • Consider endocrine concept with PC & TC .

Deanery teaching

  • Spoken with LSP deanery training rep: reviewing resources / programme they use for deanery teaching days
  • Contacted rep in Cardiff for advice
  • Contacted LL for emergency medicine and ACCS training reps advice

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