How to build a PaedsHub online course

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Suitable for anyone who is considering creating an online course for PaedsHub
Takes about 30 minutes to complete
Certificate for completing this course

Are you thinking about contributing to PaedsHub by creating an online course? In this course you can get to grips with the differences between courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. Learn how to build accessible, modular courses that work for learners. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll be ready to get started creating content for your own course.

Let’s get creating!

Course director

Dan Leach

PaedsHub Tech Fellow
ST6 Specialty Trainee in Paediatrics

Learning objectives

  • Understand general principles of physics of ultrasound
  • Briefly review what the PaedsHub project is for and why we want to get you involved
  • Develop familiarity with the interface users will see and how they can progress through courses
  • Gain understanding of the different ways we can structure online courses on PaedsHub
  • Know how to use different types of content including videos and quizzes
  • Review the PaedsHub course development process

Level 1

  • Provides evidence of obtaining feedback on teaching delivered and being able to reflect on and learn from this. D10; L1
Level 2
  • Demonstrates the ability to plan and deliver teaching in a range of clinical contexts. D10; L2

Level 3

  • Teaches patients, families, junior colleagues and other healthcare professionals about a range of general paediatric conditions. D10; L3

I haven't added the course materials yet, but this will include:

  • PaedsHub style guide
  • PaedsHub course director checklist
  • PaedsHub course director sign-off form

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