Buddy revision scheme – October 2023 Clinical exam

Want to practice online with a range of other candidates sitting the exam in October 2023? 

This is an opportunity to test each other on the communication, history, video and development station and learn from each other. 

Register your availability for the sessions and you will get paired up with another candidate. We will try and vary the candidates you are signed up with. You will then have a 1 hour slot to turns to run different stations over Teams.

LINK TO SIGN UP: https://forms.gle/XgQREj7S4odPYsUDA

Any questions please contact the Exam Team on: southwestmrcpch@gmail.com

Ground Rules: 

  • Please sign up by August 31st
  • Once you receive your timetable of sessions you must honour each and every session sign up so only submit availability for the sessions you are available for.
  • Please be on time for every session, your buddy will be waiting for you 
  • Please let me know asap if you absolutely cannot make a session so I can try and find the other person another match
  • This won’t be providing you with content but I will circulate an email with recommended sources. Pick a station with your buddy and take turns in being the candidate and the examiner
  • Use the marksheets to mark each other and give each other fair and constructive feedback. You will learn from this process too. Link to marksheets: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/sites/default/files/2019-07/mrcpch_clinical_exam_marksheet_proofs._july_2019_combined_0.pdf
  • Any cancelled, rearranged or non-attended sessions must be notified to learn@paedshub.co.uk 

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