Website re-structuring

Over the last year we’ve learnt lots about the way the site is used and what’s most important to people. Making sure that PaedsHub is easy to use is a high priority for me, so I’d like it to feel intuitive to navigate and to find the information you’re looking for. Before I proceed with the re-structuring I’d like your thoughts, if you think there’s anything that should be more or less prominent, or anything else I’ve not thought of. 

My current rough plan:

  1. Home page: Replace current panels with quick links to frequently visited parts of the site, and a thread showing new content posted on the site.
  2. Top level navigation menu: Instead of “learn”, “create”, and “info” will change to “events”, “resources”, and “about”.
    1. Events: New top level menu item as events are the most common reason for accessing the site. Creating a new events workflow for teaching reps and display in both list and calendar views. You can take a look at the current draft layout for the events area (click here), or the new teaching reps processes (click here).
    2. Resources: Moved to top level menu item, will contain existing areas of the site such as “online courses” and “the paedshub pod”. Pages such as “opportunities” and “useful stuff” will be consolidated into a “useful resources” page, except where these are events in which case they will move to the “events” section above. Rather than lots of individual pages for all the reps I’m planning to combine these into a single page called “rep noticeboard”, although you’ll still be able to filter for posts by a particular rep if you want.
    3. About: Mostly will be the same stuff as before, somewhat consolidated, but will technical guides and contributors area moved here also.

Please let me know by the end of the week if you’ve any comments (either email me or put a comment below). I’m happy to provide some more detail if you’d like, or arrange a conversation.


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