Top Tips for LTFT

– Meet up with your job share prior to returning to work
– Discuss how to split shifts
– Discuss how you will handover and communicate key facts with each other. Ensuring continuity of patient care leads to better job satisfaction
– Join the network of LTFT trainees – ask questions, share experiences
Be Proactive
– Maximise learning opportunities. There can be a risk/fear of missing educational opportunities but there are plenty available
Set realistic goals
– Work with others to achieve goals
– Don’t try to squeeze a full-time job into part time hours. A reduction in salary is due to reduction in hours worked
– Use the longer training time to your advantage, rotate into varied specialities
– If possible, have flexible childcare arrangements to allow for changes in rotation, staff sickness etc.
– If training is required on non-working days, if possible, claim it back in lieu. If this isn’t feasible focus on events that are important to you
Look after yourself
– Check out the PaedsHub wellbeing resources

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