Progress to Progress plus- eportfolio updates

If you have lost links on transition from Progress to Progress plus there is now a way to see which links have not pulled across (ES’s and ARCP panels can also see this)

From the Dashboard go to -> Goal record comparison report between Progress and Progress+

You will then see comparison tables as below: first Progress + and then Progress.

You can click on details and see which linked items are where. You could (if you wanted then re link to the progress plus curriculum to relevant items. However this is not necessarily needed (and a lot more painful work for you), as ES and ARCP panels will also be able to see these comparison tables.

I recommend checking under each heading however in progress to make sure numbers are where they should be under each KC.

In the generic curriculum

The different key competencies that have been written into the generic curriculum which do not easily align (from what I can see from my portfolio) are as below.

This may be helpful for some of you who are close to CCT but moving to Progress Plus

BUT PLEASE check your own progress plus curriculum and see which KCs you still need to add to!

In regards to DOMAIN 5: leads on an epidemic (see full details above)- > THIS has now be reworded to ‘shows involvement in the process’ eportfolio not yet updated but rcpch website has been.

Any further thoughts please contact me.

Sarah Arthur (

Severn RCPCH Trainee representative

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