Opportunity to contribute to PaedsHub

We have a couple of online courses nearing completion. We’ll need a small group of volunteers to test them out and give some feedback before they roll out to the whole membership base. You can read about the courses below or click the title to see more. If you’d be interested in helping with either of these, please email webmaster@paedshub.co.uk

Examination For Neonatal Encephalopathy

This course has been produced by the Southwest Neonatal Network to support clinicians in the structured neurological assessment for neonatal encephalopathy. This is an essential skill for clinicians who may be involved in the care of neonates following possible perinatal hypoxia, as assessment for encephalopathy is an essential part of the management of these infants.

You will be guided through the elements of the Modified Sarnat Examination, put into context with a clinical case.

Safeguarding In Practice

This online course aims to give the trainee an understanding of the processes involved in safeguarding children.  This includes understanding the terminology used in child protection, the timeline of an investigation and the roles of the multidisciplinary team. The course aims to take the participant through a child protection case from start to finish.

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