Making announcements via PaedsHub

If you’ve got some news, an event or useful resources you can now let people know via PaedsHub more easily now we’ve opened up posting for everyone. If you’re struggling with this process you can still ask me to do it for you by emailing instead.

There are also some new discussion forum and social media sharing features – read on for more details…

Resources and announcements

All users can now create posts which can be added to the noticeboard and/or sent out with the next weekly digest email. This ‘posting content’ guide explains how.

If your post relates to a topic with a specific rep, consider getting in touch with them first to discuss. Click here to find your reps.


If you think an event might be of interest to PaedsHub members you can add it to the PaedsHub events calendar. This ‘listing an event‘ guide explains how.

Make sure you check that it hasn’t been listed already, and consider if you need to discuss the post with the teaching reps first.

After you’ve listed the event, you can publicise it by making an announcement using the ‘posting content’ guide above.


We’ve created a new forum for discussions, for example between a group preparing for the MRCPCH clinical exam. If you think you have a topic which would work well here you can create it yourself inside one of the existing forums, or let me know if you’d like a new forum created.

Sharing content from PaedsHub

You can now easily share content from PaedsHub via different routes such as WhatsApp or Twitter using the new sharing buttons at the bottom of each page.

If you want your resources or announcement to have the widest reach, create your post, add the weekly digest email category, and then share your post by as many routes as you like. By linking back to PaedsHub in this way you can keep the discussion in one place and ensure people always see the most up to date version of your post.

As always I’m keen to hear from you about any suggestions you have to make PaedsHub work better for us all. Thanks for reading!

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