Executive committee meeting

Initial exec committee meeting 19/07/21
Chair – Dan Leach (DL)
with Rebecca Treleaven (RT), Maria Tsakmakis (MT), Giles Richardson (GR)

Follow up email as minutes

Hi all,

Great to meet yesterday and put our heads together. To summarise our discussion:

The schools need to support face-2-face teaching with asynchronous learning which trainees can access at a time that suits them. Severn and Peninsula working together gives us all access to a greater pool of clinical and teaching expertise, but an increased digital focus allows us to address the underlying geographical challenges in the area that have previously been highlighted as a problem from trainee feedback. We want to improve retention with resources that support trainee wellbeing, and also aid in recruitment of new talent to the region.

We agree that engagement with the paediatric community in the Southwest is of utmost importance to the success of the project. This will initially involve survey questions – including preferred format of digital teaching resource, preferred route of updates (social platforms?), challenges faced with curriculum coverage, and further questions for DL and RT to discuss. This will lead on to forming a focus group to help define priorities and as a pool of potential contributors. We discussed the importance of cultivating followers and how ensuring appropriate recognition for contributors will be important.

The posts have been created for medium to long term strategic goals in mind. RTs role in particular is likely to involve considering setting standards and guidance for hybridisation of f-2-f and digital teaching. This will be aided by collaboration with outgoing and incoming trainee reps. We will also look at examples of successful digital medical education projects within the deanery and externally (like https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk or https://dragonbytespodcast.com).

We’d like to work towards a single point of entry for online resources for the deanery. We discussed that this would mean a later launch date than if we developed a standalone eLearning site and added the other parts later, but the overall amount of work should be less. This might initially involve embedding or linking to existing resources on the old websites. MT and GR will need to consider what would be required to harmonise the guidance and administrative sections of the websites. Prior to sending out our survey, DL will need to alter PaedsHub landing page to make it clear that the site is an early stage project and put some of the prototype functionality behind a login wall.

We’re going to trial Trello (https://trello.com/paedshub) for managing this project. DL will send out invitations to join this. DL will add tasks from the task list below to a planning & administration board on Trello. We can all add new tasks or update the status of existing tasks on Trello so we’re all up to date. This will become more important as the project matures and we have more team members involved and lots of content at various stages of development.

DL and RT are happy for their project emails to be shared where relevant for developing useful contacts – webmaster@paedshub.co.uk and learn@paedshub.co.uk.

Task list:

Draft initial survey questionsDL, RT25th July
Prepare survey form and send to Karen to send outDL1st August
Set date for focus groupDL, RT6th September
Send invites for TrelloDLDone
Get online with Trello and try creating a taskRT, MT, GR1st August
Move prototype behind login wall and set landing page as project information/under developmentDL1st August
Regional teaching meetingDL, RT, MT, GR23rd July
Invite other fellow applicants to join focus group/contributors groupMT, GR1st August
Get contacts details for other digital education projects in or out the region at HoS meeting and share these with DL/RTMT, GR1st August
Present project at joint Schools meetingDL, RT (?MT, GR)28th June
Consider novel approaches to hybrid teaching sessions and create virtual teaching training dayRTTBC
Create social media accounts and engagement strategyDLTBC (depending on outcome of focus group)
Assess and inventory existing equipment (cameras, microphones etc)DL6th September

I’m sure there will be some other tasks that I missed. You can add more tasks yourselves on Trello, and adjust completion dates if you think what I’ve put is unrealistic.

I hope that’s helpful. Bex and I will likely be meeting again before then, but see you for our next major update on 6th September.



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