Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes: 12/10/21 at 15:00 Paedshub exec meeting


D. Leach, R Treleaven, M Tsakmakis, G Richardson, E Bradley and A Powell 


  • Informed of Dr Nick Clarke appointment to new role with a focus on filming and production with the SIM team
  • Discussed modules under development
  • DL has microphone for podcast interview for neonatal sepsis module and appointment of reps e.g. IMG / trainee charter
  • Paedshub requires platform for hosting video content
    • Youtube not a good option as cannot ensure privacy
    • DL recommends Vimeo
    • DL to send MT itemised costings for yearly website hosting
    • MT to put forward a business case to HEE in next month
  • Aim for all trainees to sign up to Paedshub in time for launch: Jan 2021
  • With 4-8 demo modules available (everyone) 
  • Suggestions around asking college tutors and education supervisors all to contribute a module over the coming year(s). 
  • Ensure all modules are linked to curriculum and key capabilities
  • Learning fellow role clarification (RT)
    • Currently my role only funded for the year
    • To organise a rolling structured programme of training for ST1-3s over a 2 year period
    • RT to work with ST1-3 reps and Emma / Helen. 
    • Support ST4-8s in restarting teaching with lead from college tutors. 
    • RT to work with Alex / David and reps. 
    • RT to develop guide on getting the best out of a training day.
    • Trial methods of hybridising training: Some trainees present / some remote access 
  • GR recommended a meeting (?Taunton) to formalise running of deanery teaching / training structure 
  • So that trainees feel confident creating day / don’t loose out on training opportunity 
  • How to ensure Peninsula trainees and consultants remain involved 
  • Ensure all advertisements go to Peninsula trainees (Leanne and Jo) and cc MT and GR.
  • GR to encourage consultant colleagues in Peninsula to identify interested trainees to help develop modules. 

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