Activity Log


On holiday last week, back to it today.

  • Updated plugins and themes
  • Responding to emails from users
  • Meeting with Aless Glover Williams – registration and planning for course on neonatal nutrition
  • Minor work on HTML/CSS styling of quiz feedback in oncology emergencies course – awaiting feedback from Holly Mincher
  • Major development on umbilical lines course – added lesson content and quizzes – awaiting video file and review from Susannah McMahon
  • Updates to trainee reps page


  • Meeting with Jess Spaull – registration and planning for course on neonatal ultrasound
  • Meeting with Abishek Oswal – educational principles and review of branching clinical scenario


  • Updated reps page
  • Added new content to LTFT section
  • Added new users from round 2 applications
  • Updated to WP v5.9
  • Work on clinical branching scenario web application

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