Taking a patient with raised ICP to scan

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Suitable for trainees working with patients following neurosurgery
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The outcome for many pathologies seen on PICU is dependent on how swiftly ITU level support and treatment is started. Another area where swift intervention is vital is in children with acutely raised ICP who are amenable to neurosurgical intervention. Most of these children will however need a CT head before proceeding to theatre. A similar approach should be taken for the time critical transfer of children from PICU to CT and then onto theatre as is taken in transferring children from a district general hospital to a Neurosurgical centre.

Course director

Tom Jerrom

PICU Consultant
University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Adrian Humphry

PICU Consultant
University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Learning objectives

  • Identification of raided ICP
  • Medical management of raided ICP
  • Preparing and performing safe time critical transfer to scan

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