Passing the Applied Knowledge in Practice exam

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Suitable for trainees who are working towards the AKP
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This module contains recordings of small group teaching on the topic of the AKP exam. Practice questions are used to guide the teaching and trainees are asked discuss their clinical reasoning for their chosen answer.

The aim of this module is to use example questions to help you understand and interpret the information being given to you and pick the correct answer based on good clinical reasoning. We encourage you to pause the videos when appropriate and try to articulate why you think a certain answer is correct, just like the trainees in the recording. 

Course director

Paul Mannix

Consultant Neonatologist
North Bristol NHS Trust

Learning objectives

  • To be able to interpret cues given in the clinical scenario and come up with a well thought out answer
  • Apply theoretical scientific knowledge to a clinical situation
  • Ultimately improve confidence and knowledge before sitting the AKP.

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Level 2
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Level 3
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