Milk And More: Neonatal Nutrition

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Suitable for paediatric trainees working with neonates.
Takes 2 hours
Certificate for completing this course

This course will cover all aspects of neonatal nutrition including antenatal and post-natal nutrition requirements, methods of nutrition (enteral and parenteral), probiotics, growth monitoring and more. This teaching will be evidence based and will provide links to supporting articles for further reading.

Course director

Aless Glover Williams

ST8 Speciality Trainee in Neonatology
Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Learning objectives

  • Understand the foetal nutritional demands of the second and third trimesters of pregnancy
  • Know the macro- and micro-nutrient aims of postnatal nutrition
  • Understand the indications for and the merits of enteral and parenteral nutrition options
  • Be aware of the controversies around probiotic use in the neonatal setting
  • Appreciate the importance of optimal growth monitoring

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