Examination For Neonatal Encephalopathy

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Suitable for all clinicians involved in assessing neonatal neurology, especially in the context of possible hypoxic injury.
Takes around a hour.
Certificate for completing this course.

This course has been produced by the South West Neonatal Network to support clinicians in the structured neurological assessment for neonatal encephalopathy. This is an essential skill for clinicians who may be involved in the care of neonates following possible perinatal hypoxia, as assessment for encephalopathy is an essential part of deciding on management of these infants.

You will be guided through the elements of the Modified Sarnat Examination, put into context with a clinical case.

Image used with permission of BAPM, British Association of Perinatal Medicine

Course director

Jess Spaull

ST8 Speciality Registrar in Paediatrics
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Severn Deanery

Steve Jones

Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Brain Injury Prevention and Protection Group

South West Neonatal Network

Learning objectives

  • To be aware of the structured neurological assessment for encephalopathy (modified Sarnat examination)
  • To apply HIE flow diagram to clinical cases and plan on-going management
  • To appreciate components of modified Sarnat examination and how they are assessed
  • To demonstrate ability to assess videos of assessment of neonatal encephalopathy

Level 1

  • Performs appropriate clinical examinations of a baby, child and young person.
  • Carries out an assessment, makes a differential diagnosis, plans appropriate investigations and initiates a treatment plan in accordance with national and local policies.
Level 2
  • Recognises common presentations which may indicate life-threatening pathology and require urgent action.
  • Performs an assessment of a child’s physical, mental, and developmental status, incorporating biological, physiological and social factors across multiple clinical contexts; particularly to ensure a smooth transition between primary and secondary care.
Level 3
  • Maintains skills at the level of competency.

4 thoughts on “Examination For Neonatal Encephalopathy”

  1. Anjolaoluwa Mosuro

    A very useful course!
    The course runs smoothly. Excellent use of videos to practically display examination findings.
    It is also very useful to have stop points to test and consolidate learning embedded within each section of the course.
    It is incredibly beneficial to outline the Modified Sarnet and also to explain how to conduct the examination appropriately.
    Very helpful signposting for further information after the quiz.
    Super valuable! Thank you Jess and Steve and Dan.

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